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leg 266 ; of the patella, apparatus for treating 539.

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knife. Where they adhere, a ligature is to be applied both above and below :

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and will continue three weeks at each institution. These courses which have given such satisfaction for so

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you don’t want your physicians at such times to be think-

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rarely produces tuberculosis directly, it does often establish a

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the Practitioner meddles actively with the case the better.

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" On Methyomania " (Dipsomania), in which he contended

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fact of the concealed and inaccessible situation of the disease.

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orange. Such a tumor may be a pus-tube, or an ovar-

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evening she had a chill and began to bleed. He telephoned me and

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case reported within a year by Mann, of Buffalo, in

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the molecules in each elementary muscular bundle, whence would naturally result a negative

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oncile all the data. In other words, the radiologist

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reviewed the work of the two sessions, mentioning that, of cases shown,

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eating crude, raw, and indigestible food, especially cab-

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train either from the point of departure or upon the first opportunity,

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prostate, with its intercallated acinous glands, and the structures that are

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adorn or e'er illuminate as has been done by more than one of "three-

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victim, renders the case in this respect, a unique one

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lessness but the value of frequently repeated and seemingly

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and extent, at least as far as the stenosis, be accurately determined.

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tion of boric acid, and this may be followed by injections of 2-5 c.c.

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fibrous capsules, and synovial membranes. The capsular liga-

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his opinion) that the specific effects only arise when the circulating contagium

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Chemistry (Theoretical) : The Principles of — with Special Reference to

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If it be taken without great repugnance, if it do not impair the appetite or

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nsnally supervenes between four and nine days after the injury.

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bered with gratitude for their untiring devotion to the medical-