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valvular or extensive arterial or myocardial change. We considered that

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veterinarian, would make this quite a model institution — so much so,

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This is an example of those classes who are held up by vege-

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and the increase of the cellular elements ; and, at the same time,

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pair had doubled once in thirty years, allowing for Loss by death at old

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Salivary Symptoms. — In the diabetic patient the saliva is acid, because

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nothing extraordinary ; but I was unaware of the facts until my worthy

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Elimination. — Iodoform is eliminated in the form of

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febrile stage of every catarrhal fever; that is to say, they consist of alter-

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5th. To resort to the employment of evacuant irritants, ex-

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Alemorabilicn for April 18, 1891, a case of croup in a child

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quel to abnormal entozoa in man. Am. J. Micr., N. T.,

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evening was devoted to an informal reception at the

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■^ion was one of these — seen in the effect, often so injurious, of

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value until the time that he brought forward his own.

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their mountainous situations very healthful 60 — b^

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The diagnosis is made by the appearance of the charac-

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drinking is more prevalent among the farmer class; he

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curetment followed by cauterization, even with thermo-

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on account of the pain on deglutition, the throat being

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they returned to the field, and again they found grass having grown

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My interest in the condition was aroused by a patient, aged 59,

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proof of this mode of death. As its presence depends on the retention of air I

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cleansing of the skin prior to the operation. If the

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I I', /martin H bMITH COMPANY N." \ .->- ^ 'i ^ ^ A^

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that the continued secretion of gastric juice, after the "psychic secretion" has

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grains, and the total quantity thirty-seven and a half, or fifteen doses.

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caused her some pain and prevented her sitting down

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indicate the various opportunities for choice which school boards have

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normal ; pulse 70. For two days this condition continued

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might not be called a smaller remuneration than coming up

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to fill the rheumatic indications of cure, are the best selection

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microorganisms of the conjunctivaandlachrviUMl sac. Syst.

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home, and from the wagon into his house and on to his bed, I

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may be applied externally, and one or more of the above

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is pitted like a fine honeycomb ; and the pruritus is more intense and

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of fear on the nervous system before the operation is undertaken.

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is not easy to portray the less pronounced but surely unavoidable