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remainder (3-6) are those used in Quain's Elements of Anatomy, vol. 3, Neu-

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Hatai, S. 1917 Metabolic activity of the nervous system. I. Amount of

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by the finger laid iq^on it, producing fremissement. In this

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History of a successful Case of Caesarian Operation . . 498

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already expressed of the former editions seem to re- ' ited success. — Ann, Jnurn. of Obstetrics, Nov. 1874.

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the pressure of a tumor may be recovered from if the pressure be removed

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From the seven-month fetus to about the time of birth, cell

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difficult to understand that this deposit may accumulate and form renal

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the Eruptive Fevers, by tlie American Editor, Dr. Bulkley.

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attended by discoloration of the skin, and one particular organic lesion

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with some omissions which ought not to have been allowed.