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develops abundantly, but soon stops in its development, and
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In subsequent articles I shall describe and illustrate the
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cases to keep alive the brain of a rabbit by the blood from a
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shaped pattern, with a curved depression on the uterine end.
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appearing. In the great majority of cases, when it once stops
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L.D.S.Eog. qualification. Applications to the Dean by February 4th.
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week previous to his death, but who signed the death certificate as hav-
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fatally ; next day a case was heard of in the village of Moorl, and on Satur-
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warning the "poison" label might be expected to convey,;
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has been lessened by letting off the liquor amnii, the dilating
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and confusion worse by our defective observations and our
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duced on calves with a crust from the sore on the teat
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I}in?ier.— At 6.15 the members dined in the Central Hotel.
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subject of the treatment of typhoid fever. — The discussion
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no space left for either the transmission of light or the intro-
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tent displaced. Sounds indistinguishable from pericardial or
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subjects had reason to think it was expected of them.
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R. Rauschke, Leeds; Mr. G. C. Roberts, London; A. Rideal, M.B.,
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dated from acute chest illness in childhood. The general
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ness in the legs. He continued his work just as before till
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The history of science records but few names of persons
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years, but was still considerably below the average. Since
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£2,560, although it is liberally subsidised by the city of Paris.
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soon afterwards commenced practice in Liverpool. He ac-
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it, either as a staple article or as a substitute, but it is not
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Surgeon-Lieutenant W. E, A, Ahmstrong, Madras Establishment, is
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of Health to incorporate this form as a part (detach-
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especially in time of war. The freezing machine will be con-
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shall have power to appoint members of the teaching stafls
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weakening of the heart, as already proved ; so that if our
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cells, especially round the periphery of the oysters, and