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cently* recommended the instruction of medical officers of the army

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of the intestinal glands is sometimes observed. It is to be noted that in

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Pomegranate. — The many-seeded fruit, botanically. The

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yellow nodules showing the central bronchus usually plugged with exu-

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tion from the nose and throat will prevent accumulation, and thus pre-

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every way like caffeine and theine. The kernels of the cocoa-

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first between 102° and 104° F. (38.8°-40° C), and then continues

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The children's playground and houses are monuments of fore-

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does not occur. The blood-plates are also increased in number (Hayem),

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wear a clean sterilized linen overall gown and rubber gloves,

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Some cases, in the early stage, also do well at Thomas ville, Ga., Southern

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up to the present time ; she vomited and spat up nearly all her food, mostly the

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delirium, wounds of the head with delirium, bleeding wounds elsewhere, inflam-

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specialists and treated by this method have afforded such satisfactory

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sician should know which apple, which pear, which grape,

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increased, as shown by mensuration, but the intercostal depressions are

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twenty-four in 68.3 per cent. Tubercle bacilli were found in the cer-

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children the lymphatics Avere affected in 92 per cent. ; and it is generally

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the condition of the fruit as to ripeness, etc., and the idiosyn-

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scopes and their collaterals, together with the improved meth-

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do not like it. It is difficult to remove from the shell, and is

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This is shown by the old pleuritic lesions that are constantly met with

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with a number of students with him. He was rather a tall,

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picnic at C. Bickham Dickson park. Annual Graduation

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cooled blood is carried to the interior to be exchanged for hot blood.

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entirely. In this manner fresh exacerbations are most probably averted.

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having been translated into every language, serve everywhere as beacon

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are rare). The urine reacts with chloride of iron, and sugar

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Ordered hip bath, 85", for five minutes, followed by fan douche to back, 78°, ten

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many deaths. A little observation of the inner life of the

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stage of effusion ; also restlessness, peevishness (unlike the dulness ob-

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3 cases develop in rapid succession in one family. A Sister of Charity,

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be due to reflex action exerted by the heated blood upon the respira-

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animal body. Let us work and hope, and hope and work. I

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Methyl salicylate, by local application, is of service. It is put on

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cases of spinal and cerebral organic diseases, which exceeded one hun-

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translucent colonies with irregular borders and ridged surfaces. Upon

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rubbed, and put to bed. Sponging with cold water had no effect.

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best prospect in chronic cases, the reason lies not so much in the facili-

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" the people can have all the health they want if they are willinii'

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Immunity. — The results of the investigations of Behring and Kitasato