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permanent in the air. Almost insoluble in water and insolu

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colon was mottled and thickened the descending colon and rectum were

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whole side of his chariot open to receive him. Due to this obese

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slightly masked by disease so that nearly the whole operation could be done

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also as a respiratory cardiac and vasomotor stimulant

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patients however wanted him to provide for all their care.

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tomatic cure may often be effected by elicitation of the heart reflex

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and tougher connective tissues must be removed while preparing the

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foolish for a nurse to xy to manage every patient after the same

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stood. Particularly by the study of the degenerations that may have resulted

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of absolute alcohol and ether. From these latter agents they may be

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another drug dangerous to the dog but the same applies to man.

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Turner Thomas J. Medical Director. To continue duty as

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that these febrile maladies include aetiologically considered

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So long as the muscular substance of the heart preserves its nutritive

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Dr. R. Edward Garrett is First Assistant Resident Physician

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There are some diseases of a nervous character indicated by