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does, while it did not contract or become stiff, as
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case, the emboli are derived from thrombi within the veins. An important
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these two objects in view it is best to enclose the
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Bcurvy, thus described by Pereira : " The digestive (Action
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diseases, and occurs almost constantly in sleeping-sickness, kala-azar, and
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ion exists as to whether operation should be performed
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a theoretical explanation of the view which Dr. P6nard's experience has led him
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therefore a necessity If water is absolutely free from
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peared to be restricken ; and this occurred more than once in the same patient.
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lar and harness be not rough and hard, to chafe and gall
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accumulated in the ambiant tissue, penetrate the lymphatic circu-
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collecting these forms, many of them have been isolated in this
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However, we consider these experiments inconclusive as to whether
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room as soon, however, as they have reached the proper appearance.
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generally, in children, the pain is on both sides of
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cases of traumatic aneurysm operated on by himself;
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of the orbit ; every feature, moreover, is sharp and pinched
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hands may be first washed in water to which some turpen-
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enlarged, and the space occupied by it measured eight inches across and
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the excavation, provided it were not already there, the concave
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they dip ventrad apparently ; this is the locality where
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ment which had lifted it high in the pelvis, and peritonitis had
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the condition are the presence of adhesions and the
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remedies assist in supporting the heart's action, while the latter may
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ral change in the heart itself, although there was such extensive dis-
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with the blood of the infected rabbit died in three days, with a
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when the latter remedies were given and no gas used.
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referable to a particular system such as the gastrointestinal
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The nnicoiis menthrane of the stomach naturally re-
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kindness of several Roman land-proprietors, to obtain the necessary material for
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enough, however, known to warrant the statement, that there is no class
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with seventeen medical schools, report five hundred and
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Dr. J. W. Irwin : I regret to speak after my friend,
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vital. In patients who do not recover, the facial deformity from
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this, which remained after the joint symptoms had cleared up, she was
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Abdomen : The abdomen was usually distended and appeared large