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coloured by successful injections w itli tine materials, and which cannot be class-
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able case of Symons shows also this feature, but this is probably
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within and without the capsule; not a suggestion with regard to fractui'es of
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would reappear in the course of a very few minutes.
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after physical exertion is the commonest. Less frequent is a sense
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the test is to be most carefully cleaned. It is difficult to wash all
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however, disappeared. His symptoms were profoundly neurasthenic.
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with those of other investigations narrated in the after part of the
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"In neuralgia the pain occurs suddenly and frequently is of such intensity as
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or future happiness. In the normal state of his organism, he occupies himself
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this, we must adopt a different mode of practice, and have recourse to measures
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gravity varied from 1012 to 1016; erythrocytes were present, also granular
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and, CEeteris paribus, is greater when a large trunk is ruptured, than when it
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longitudinal section being made of the vein, its extremity, for about an inch above
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effusion, tumors or enlargements of the liver, kidney, spleen,
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And could a graft with such dubious existence be stimulated to
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allowing time for deposition; by producing irritation, inflammation,
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southern coast, exhibit a less range of the thermometer; and in accordance
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from uremia and from apoplexy in a "cerebral" group, as did
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markable cases of gastritis, the principal symptoms observed were convulsions
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and need not now be recounted. The epidemiologic evidence
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the normal average, and there was a dilution value of 781 in the
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(h) In all cases, in addition to the proper dietetic and medicinal
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attempt was, therefore, abandoned for the time being, in order to
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* Ibid., 1907, xvi, 143; 1908, xviii, 407. * Ibid., 1908, xix, 37.
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method, the globoid bodies assume a bluish or a violet color;
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induced by the obturation of the trachea should prove to be the
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bismuth flows quite freely into the duodenum. The duodenum is
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and lesions of the infection through succeeding generations.
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depth and more tardy progress towards cicatrization, whicli did not take place
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in the heavy deposit of phosphates in the fermented urines. The
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of late a very striking "right" obliquity" of the uteriLs. Two days since she was
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In cattle there is no relation between cervical gland infection and lung
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pneumonia developed, the writer is of the opinion that the presence of
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range, should call out the very best qualities that he is capable of
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stage; a position which I am inclined to doubt, from having seen cases recover
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acutely during the experiments; dogs VIII, IX, X, and XVI sur-
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phatic constitutions. The bilious temperaments, however, are much less liable.
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we may be able to give more and more intelligent interpretation
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2 c.c, 2.5 c.c, and 2.5 c.c. horse serum intravenously.