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spontaneous rupture of the spleen in the course of typhoid fever

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years old. This disease is very fatal in its results.


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edies contained in. this work are such as will prove the most effi-

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v.dth the same substances. Therefore for causes, symptoms

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water, §iv. M. Sig. Dose one teaspoonful every half hour to

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nature of the disease, and afford us a satisfactory means

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wanting — sometimes appears prematurely — sometimes is

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ease. In some they form a principal part, in others in less

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nausea, slimy, foul emesis — a complication of unpleasant gastric

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frequent cause, however, is a calculus. A diseased prostate,"

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of surgical diseases, have been vastly improved in latter

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of literary recreations, or if related is of so marvellous a

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would, and "touching the gums" was still believed to be essential

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tration. A coated tongue is constant with some individuals who

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duced by too large a dose are, heat in the stomach, frequent

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the operation. Tympanites was then getting troublesome.

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bound together by a thousand sacred ties, and under an im-

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run out. It was not done. The patient died, and I assisted

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sation; of the spinal cord, the co-ordination of muscular action,

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severe, and the tendency to structural changes more marked.

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liberality and justice, convinced that it cannot suffer in

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son devoted to the treatment, says Dr. Helfft ; the cure

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sible that this condition should continue long without a loss of

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"In general terms, veratrum is the remedy in sthenia, aconite

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solid understructures, bringing out the temporal artery, usually

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exjilore its nature and connections, ] )r. Perry suggested to

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cal. It admits of various causes ; and is produced in fact

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Headache, with a peculiar periodical flushing of the face, even

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series of cross-immunity tests, showed that monkeys that had

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the severity of the original one. In both cases general remedies

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course of conduct from which must come nothing but dis-

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ease of the kidneys a forward curvature of the spine is fre-

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and he associates the action of the drug with that which needs

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of form early in the disease, we not only anticipate unpleasant

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presence of Napoleon I. , " Sire^ je n' avais pas hesoin de cette

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themselves here is a little later, it is much less frequently

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