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substance, any more than the poisons inducing other infectious diseases
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they should be. The radiogram is a good illustration of the
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of zinc have corne into use, especially the valerianate and hydrocya-
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severity of the case. Signs of a general implication of the system
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must be at this part. Diminution of saliva has also been observed.
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even when pressed upon, are not more sensitive than other parts of
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considerable assistance in following the effects of the treat-
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crippled limbs (of the hand and arm especially). Thus all the
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is one on which practitioners might often find a useful oppor-
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measles. Among the sequelae of measles, which, fortunately, are rare,
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Oppolzer, the secretion of urine increases ; this may to some extent
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the diagnosis can rarely be made with absolute certainty. The course
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( Gu&niot), seem to effect very little ; while the brine-baths, particu-
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this peculiar pale and sickly appearance until later. From this fact,
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the meteorism and diarrhoea continue more or less marked. The bed-
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toms were considered by the attending surgeon as traumatic fever, be-
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have occurred in scarlatina patients, there has been any second cause,
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nine-tenths of the whole column, the blood-plasma forming
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many ways. For instance, by exposure to cold, by the failure
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have shown themselves proof against the various objections made to
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Dr. Sidney Phillips thought, ki treating pneumonia, that it was
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out this hereditary tendency are rarely affected by gout, even when
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differentiated b}'' the discovery of a tumour more definitely
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too frequently in such circumstances. If this is done, rest is
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most all the organs, among others in the stomach, heart, and lungs,
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serum tested on two separate occasions, starting off with