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the Department shall be used in connection with the tanking of all condemned car-

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assembled. Vouchsafe for them Thy protection and care

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Fig. 13. Photomicrograph. Spindle shaped cells with little

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The following facts may be considered in attempting an explanation

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Paul Hines, St. Louis (1950); Orr Mullinax, Jefferson City

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been, and now is, directed at the ticks and not against the cattle.

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R. W. Kennedy, Councillor of the Sixth District, has been ac-

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microscopic or bacteriologlc study of suspected tissues. In case such an examination is

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material outlined within the prescribed ninety days.

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sonnel. In addition, the service has developed pro-

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In these studies several phases of the precipitin reactions were inves-

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the abortive and ^* masked ** forms of the disease, for the reason that

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with the December issue. During 1947 there were pub-

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Fio. 16. — Longitudinal section of stable shown In fig. 15.

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amino acids. The rich frui^ tang of Infazyme represents an unusual taste ac-

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It is needless to say that such extensive vascular disease is very rare.

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N. C. — on tide water — are very favorable for the production of the

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be in war, or in areas of sudden disaster, give them

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room, which is reserved for condemned meats. When a difference arises between the

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or diseased animal is slaughtered, to report to the secretary the results of such killing,

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