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this particular disease. In short, it is not too much to say

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em])vema. In the intestinal tract, esjxi'ially in the cecum and appendix,

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Dr. Blacker did not think that Dr. Eden's objections were of great

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Dr. Goss, of Roxbury, read an extract fi-om the Lancet in reference

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medical schools in Germany. In aiming at "interstate reci-

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Harry Linentlial and Solomon H. Rubin {Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,

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underlies puerperal eclampsia. It has been demonstrated at the Johns Hop-

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ness) denotes loss of speech, the vocal organs remaining intact, and intel-

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As in the adult the onset maybe marked by shivering;

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to a large number of places in Italy. While the disease

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detailed, are doubtless entirely attributable to the irritation of chicken-

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fathom the causes, if possible, and to suggest such meas-

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proteins ascertained. The proteins employed and the results obtained