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Pneumonia, particularly, is likely to attack a person who
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XXI. Jawbones of normal and osteoporotic horses 174
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strated not only the considerable and irregular fluctuation of live
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Starting with a culture of avian tubercle bacilli which was uni-
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this carried that some establishments employ professional manicures
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LOV-E SECTION from more than 500 bust-cup-torso size variations.
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of German meadow hay. The following tables show the percentage
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Belgium followed with a practical prohibition of American dressed
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Chills, restlessness, fever, malaise, muscular aching,
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28. Homans. J.: Thrombosis of Deep Veins of Lower Leg
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623 Missouri Bldg., St. Louis. Mo. Telephone, Newstead 0404-05
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probable that if this were to become a routine practice many cases
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Pancreas and heart of the dog, The interrelation of the suryiying, in sugar
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and for all classes there was a demand greater than the market could
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It was observed that a number of places in the walls of the building, evidently
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parison. Accordingly four lambs which prior to May 21, 1906, had
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cilities or other provision must be made for their care.
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developed normally. There was severe, almost constant cyanosis in
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question arose as to the minimum amount of pancreatic perfusate
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held in January 1948.” A committee of six was ap-
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September 16, 1945. Ten days before he developed se-
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tion into industry; (3) consultant services to medi-
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Marie points out that the various elaims that aphasia may exist without
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Fig. 4. Photomicrograph. Note large cells with lobulated
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