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ber; either where the trouble is only local, or where they

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found that one in every thirty-six of the population was

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of instruments, microscopes, and other property of similar character,

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for medical, surgical and hygienic use. An excellent

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Drummond of Newcastle first pointed out, is by far the most

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proptosis of the eyeball may accompany both the ethmoidal and

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with the foot in a corrected position, enabling the pa-

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that something serious would happen if he trod on the divisions between

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The island contains neither river nor lake, and from its geological

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phosis, gout, rheumatism, hysteria, gastro-intestinal and hepatic

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Lyme Disease in New Jersey: A Cluster of 4 Cases and 13

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dications for the treatment of gastric acidity, but this

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experience has shown that military hygiene and sani-

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to the distal end. It generates a low pressure, less than 1 atm,

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against gravity. I say this, because when it is &om -

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cent. Von Rositzky ^ reported analyses of the thyroids of eight

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where the tightest strictures occur ; the reason is

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Very probably, this was a case of pelvi-peritonitis, and not of

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left upper lobe about the third rib. Temperature running up to 103,

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theory of the action bj atomic shapes should be rejected as

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heart, so reduce it gradually. Where the temperature starts in at 106

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It was found that the capacity of this press is much

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made in this generation than the discovery of the uses o/

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lactic acid by certain micro-organisms, and in that form is a common cause

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settled being especially dealt with in the smaller print. The author

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bility, followed by stupor, and that peculiar kind of delirium

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report and made several recommendations as regards the use of

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For information on CME accreditation, please write the CME office

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feeling arose in industry and all was not well, internally. Strikes and

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appointed surgeon to a British ship, or to any hospital or other public

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origin in tlie work of Pasteur. Of modern methods of treatment,

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Highland Water is sold in glass only, and every bottle has our registered trade mark (two crossed

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esis that higher intelligence and a superior analytical cognitive