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Currier said that curettage might check the flow for a

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matter of inoculation which he thought had not often happened. The

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case sometimes equalling half an inch in thickness I

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That syphilis is the most common factor in the production of

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From this time onward it became the standard method of

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but as deadly if it is conveyed back to the horse or to

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ger in the rectum and the hand above the pubes so com

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sacrificing health to prejudice though no effort should be

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at the apex and an increase of the diastolic tone over the pulmonary

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takes her orders quietly yet intelligently and who keeps strictly to her

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Since the reading and discussion of fractioning of radium and thorium the

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Other symptoms. Local temperature considerably raised

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mistake at the present time since it is recognized that

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without the cord becoming compressed is also observed in

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work quite well on the following Monday. In such persons the vene

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in the air a musty or animal odor who will say This

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work of the Health Department had shown any connection

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practitioner and certainly the most reliable physician

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ing the application of the Roentgen rays is now very

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