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diseased skin extending over the pectoral fold in front, the clavicle, and
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doctor tells me I cannot take antipyrin, as I always get a sore
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these must connote an incipient poisoning. He enume-
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Dr. Panofsky has suggested that the picture is a satire on acedia or sloth, which, among other
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took charge. This was reduced to 75 per thousand by sanitary
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not be greater than a child's head, to be removed in this
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opinion as indubitable atithoriiy } Thank heaven ! professional as well
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Upon examination, we found indurated tissue in tlie space be-
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Manson concerning the propagation of malaria by some sucking insect,
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however, wonderful advantages are declared to have been
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The solvent property of glycerine over tan nn, allows us to form a lotion
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affected area from diminished intra-pulmonary tension. As
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puerperal septicemia (idiopathic puerperal fever) may result
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phy and the usual electrical symiitoms. At the saiii'
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of farinaceous food, detecting the proportion of the
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triends. They may desire, and, if so, it is proper they should receive, infor-
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' 5th. Tumour broke, and difcharged a little pus with reddifh
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Case i. In 1842, 1 attended M. F., a primipara, liv-
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was only slight while he remained perfectly still, and
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under a special article, where an account of parotid fistula and salivary
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far as possible, it may be advisable to use a bogie,
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solution, are injected. — Conim. made to the French Assoc, of Urology,
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ly see what is his true position in the hospital; the con-
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paroxysm which accompanies the process is followed by
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started by the philosophers, filtered into common life. Men
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the technique of operation are also important factors.
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lorum hominis is cosmopolitan, living in the sebaceous foUicles of the face.
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10 per cent. He believes that every competent surgeon thinks that he can
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paralysis, and this was so in every case. The fact of survival
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Executive Committee, as well as to his bereaved family
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*' for 250, with its many arbitrary and complicated subdivi-
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On the next day the pulse and all the general and local
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four or five days there were from three to four typhoid stool.s
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is said to them in a loud voice, the Akouphone may be a help.
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the tubercle bacillus, but capable, it is claimed, of transmit-
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of symptoms that so tormented the sufferer. The pulse was ninety per
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nutritional counseling for the teens and their babies.
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Nerve stretching and simple section, though occasion-
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chronic uterine disease, leading, as is generally the case, to general as
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lines broader than the diameter of the bone, which was left con-
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was in itself sufficient to account for this increased