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trunks disinfected and fumigated, nevertheless the dis-
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practical. I think my friend. Dr. Britton, if he sees this matter as I see it, and the
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more frequent in men than in women, and occur between the ages of forty and
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of the lower animals, for instance in one of the nudibranchiata,
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infection are small as compared with the dangers of in
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thetic this investigator cut the auriculo-temporal nerve, when the reverse
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area may affect one or more branches of this plexus.
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tact with the superiour part of the abdomen from the earliest
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originate such a disease as scarlet fever. Dr. Hall
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for frequent hypodermic injections of strychnia, nitro-
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Longitudinal section of muscle showing : (a) normal muscle fibres ; (6) infiltrated
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Note subjoined as postscript to Mr. Rumsey's paper on
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per 100,000 effected a satisfactory purification of the Merrimac Eiver
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collection of fluid within it. The imusual sensitiveness of the abdomen
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with the sharp spoon or scissors of getting down to perfectly
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it is a well recognized fact that many cases of hypertrophy of
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1871. Blood-letting as a Therapeutic Resource in Obstetric Medicine.
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ing, nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, and cough. ITiis in-
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washing. The whole filtrate is then treated with 10 c.c. of the one-
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narrow, mere threads, without any noticeable enlargement of the body
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effects to supervene. Do the patients of cholera die comatose ? Is
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fluid. Spectroscopically examined, this fluid stopped the yellow
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solutely dry, was almost destitute of sweat during the earlier
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He began by saying that it might be considered rather
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med. Wchuachr., 1893, n. F., x, C,i-70, 3 (lia<i. — Tscher-
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So firmly convinced was I of the correctness of this view, that I
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On the ninth day after delivery ha3n)orrhage occurred, and
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that the heart had been diseased. After the hearing of
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29. Mr. D. B., May 14, '98. Variety, spasmodic ; duration, 7
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and was contracted. The right ventricle was injured in two
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suprax belongs to third generation of what type of drug
to a definite class of pathological processes in man.
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his monograph, entitled "Is Phthisis Pulmonalis Con-
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sity volatile. But, as we have seen, it is certain that none of them are
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purposes. The hospital was situated on a piece of ground bounded by Broad-
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Custom has come to employ the expression "hard" or "tense
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physicians and which had caused suffering for months
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is noted by Blaise, the rings appearing rolled on themselves
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of diluted alcohol, cold. Liquid diet. (Left eye well, except sliglit
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The two central and the two lateral incisor teeth have
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micidal power against the Bacillus typhosus than phenol,
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and vacant, except during delirium, when it may be wild or even fierce ;
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46 eggs of batch (k), kept between 40" and 55" F. (average temperature about
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contributor) may be sent to the Honorable Secretaries,