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Fig. 3. — View of sand filter bed, Sewage Experiment Station of the Massachusetts Institute of
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only a few parasites were found, forms evidently belonging to the
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in fact, we had to deal with two perfectly separate and distinct
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Chronic Cystitis : Diet. — The chronic condition, hke the acute, de-
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considers it unnecessary in cases of mild type, and the risk too serious
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Antipyretic Medication: Antipyrin — Acetanilid — Phenacefin —
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from toxin in having a weaker afhnity for antitoxin and in the
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dose of the first is 0.03-0.10 (i/2-l% gr.) a day; and of the second,
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action in cases of pelvic cellulitis as I have in cases in which I
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thought the men were in a state of inebriation, for the symptoms
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is very conspicuous. Some of the largest conidia are empty;
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author ventures to use very strong language with regard to vaccina-
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dry lint and a spica bandage. Patient to be confined to bed.
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restricted, although some strains spread gradually; growth is slimy and smooth.
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administration of small quantities of toxin. Eight units for a 400
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The ordinary dose is 3-4 G. (45-60 gr.) ; its action, like that of paralde-
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for many years, which was not reducible, but it did not trouble her.
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been unable to find any subsequent reports from this observer.
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o . 2 per cent NaOH and the solution diluted with an equal volume
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the serum of such immune animals by the fixation test. He was unable to demon-
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clinical history of the so-called uric acid diathesis supports this
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deposits may precede, accompany, or result from the exhaustion to
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interest of Professor Fleishmann, who made it possible to carry out