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wound with smaller forms. By means of anaerobic plate

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187H, which nr«)vi(U'8: " Tliat tlie Sur^jmn Gcntrnl of

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of anesthetics. The objection to the French and English inhalers

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chorea, hysteria, (violent attacks) neurasthenia, neuralgia, hemi-

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ten times greater (on a mg/kg basis) than the daily recommended

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verkehre des Grenzbezirkes eingehende Fleiseh finden die Einfuhr-

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parasites with central pigment or peripheral granules of pigment, or

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causes a gurgling noise, but, although this symptom is commonly present, it is

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pitals deemed in position to furnish acceptable intern-

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the heart to maintain itself in serious illness. It is generally noticed, too,

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secretion of which the injections re-establish or increase. The quantity

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way as the imperative ideas are the psychical symptom.

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which is rather unusual in one so young as she is, but there is no neu-

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investigation were, in certain respects, not by any means typical of

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toms, and in chronic cases it is often the earliest of all. The headache

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fever. Tr. M. Ass. Missouri, St. Louis, 1888, 388-394.

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primary coil of half an ohm resistance, made of No. 22

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During the past year many of these things have been done. A

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from etherization in Bellevue Hospital in November last,

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simple way than to search for it while the patient is in

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this time a tube was always kept in the trachea. The patient

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which he discharged his duties as a member and treasurer of this

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of patients with relatives and others prevails much more ex-

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breathe contains only 21 volumes of oxygen to 79 volumes

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plicitly the teachings of some great authority, without

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the elbow, grew to the side of the body. The operation consisted simply

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There seems to have been much variation in the severity of the disease in

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and I am unable to do much. ... I am inclined to vow that

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may sometimes take place to some extent, provided the fleaaa m:

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than in the non-puerperal state, and almost always lower than during preg-

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Dirty hands, soot covered faces and shirts, and the

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as a rainy day substitute for physical education — with a

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seed in the manner indicated with very decided benefit.

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Ramsbotham " saw three cases of puerperal mania so caused. A

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employed and is most easily accomplished by rolling a strip