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Bryan, of Richmond, Va., has reported an interesting case of
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children who inherit scrofula or syphilis the participation of the skin
accumulates on the bottom and along the sides of the tub
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Faciug the Title-page is found a very fine Colored Lithograph Plate
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examination, gross motion of the fracture site confirms the
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date about three hundred patients ; these will be employed in agricultural
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(Albarran, Chauffard). These conditions are described in the sections on
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which are characterised by a deposit of some diseased product
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Marchi, Mann, Mallorv (acid fuchsin and anilin blue),
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the vagina from tbe bladder and rectum ; report of a case
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adrenalin, and similar to that of the vagus. If, then, its effect
Remarke, — ^Whether the plugging of the carotid artery in this
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can be readily traced, and in the interstices of the swollen connective tissue the
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posed, after having retracted the flat subhyoid muscles, which have
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results with this method (Fehling's original method), because the end-reaction
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charge of hospitals. The volume of paperwork was such that
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Keep horse out of wet and dirt, and keep the stable clean.
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sion. A physician desiring to practise in a State other
double operation. The instrument is screwed on to an ordinary
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sought for as the line of the wound, and it is not always quite easily found.
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Halbertsma ' is convinced that more or less complete
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and burning itching, like that caused by the caterpillar's
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cxtendeng. Illis ex initiis paulatim cavitas magis magifque ; ut femi-
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as to atford a chance of preserving the transparency of the im-
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programs to meet those needs. — Adolph M. Hutter,
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opinion from the other State Society. *' Formerly medicine
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silence — pulpit orators, like the P^re Lacordaire — teachers of
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this volume strives to embody." The illustrations, it is rightly contended,
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Hamili'on Wkkiht, M.I). (McGill), Dirut'tor of the Institute for Medical
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not been again pregnant. She did not menstruate from
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sudden death has occurred during scarlatinal dropsy and in which the heart
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time and they will become so prepotent that they may hand on
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The horse had become very poor at this time — July 18 — and as