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jects and images. Lesions of the parietal lobe behind the post-
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been paying more and more attention to the reticulated red cells.^
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less solubility it causes only a slightly bitter taste.
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ment in the toes which is especially marked in the great toe
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affectionate mother? (Mien but for the attention of these or some other kind and
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2. Ordinary serous iritis is the second form observed, the pupil
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Agglutinin (ag-lu'tin-in). A hypothetic principle believed to cause
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the most important factor in determining the respiratory func-
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earlier period^ as Dr. Anderson (the principal medical officer) recom-
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and if her exercise reaction had been tested at that time it would
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to their husbands. Their feebleness and sickness, and often their purity, beget ha-
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tion, if th<-}' will only come forward and arm themselves with the proper remedies,
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the calculation of the value of lives according to the age of the
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By Chablbs Huktbb, late Surgeon to the Boyal Pimlico Dispensary 446
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diminution or disappearance of coHc, peristaltic unrest, and fre-
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in health, and even in some cases of consumption, the lungs are capable of great
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tin rm ploy, find their appetite and vigor much increased. This statement can only
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sented similar appearances in contrast to the normal state of the
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mechanic arts and in medicine, as in all other occupations and professions.
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wards 29, of whom 14 died. The operation of Aston Key that
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Most of the cases in the West India squadron were caught at
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prematurely of twins. Soon after almost sudden stupor and delirium
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ascending parietal convolution, extended upward nearly to the
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Whoso findeth a wife fmdeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor cf the Lord.'
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fluid also passes to the skin, the health and beauty of which require well-purified
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but also the duration of individual symptoms with relation to
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entirely removed in pieces and the operative defect was closed
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more common in certain epidemics of scarlatina than others^
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give power to turn aside this monarch of disease and snatch from the grave its
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procedure for elongating a uterine tumor after it has been severed
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were interpreted as infarcts. The patient lived for five
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bone involving joint. Note also increased density about rarefaction zone
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occurs a recession in the lymphoid tissue in the body with the
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" Hail thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee : blessed art thou among women."
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when we exercise the greatest watchfulness it steals upon us ; and again, when
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emaciated frame. All this can be done through the agency of the blood, and in no