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in the abdomen upon one side or the other, and occasionally you

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pleura contained several firm white nodules, about 2 cm. m

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form equally important considerations in respect to the prevention of

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and the opinions expressed too contradictory, to allow of a definite state-

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of the uterine blood-vessels, their frequent anastomosing with each

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in the blood, and give rise to a true typhoidal septicaemia. In croupous pneumonia

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cooling, or measurable amounts of the reduced copper

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d. Place 4 ml of 0.85 percent NaCl solution in each of two coni-

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was about the size of the fist, and held down by fibrous and

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fate-methyl orange solution. During the titration the yel-

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Cincinnati. He is perfectly safe here in both practice and malpractice of medicine.

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say that my third decimal of tritutation made three years ago is

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or in hot water; keep away from flame. When the solution has

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rapidly dilate to form the vesicles; the persistent non-liquefied epithelium is

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he was no less a personage than an arch-duke of Austria, Carl

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ten or fifteen drops of the ist x being put into the trough and

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the weight and size of private school boys may be made more

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patients already weakened by disease, as for example when pneumonia

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year, while the existing hospitals are already full, leaves no doubt

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vital capacity during this admission to the hospital, so we have

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hospitals. Since special pavilions have been set apart for small-

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its height in some thirty-six hours. It lasts from one and a half to two

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pounds, chemically and physiologically different from both the enzyme and

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a manner as to obtain well-isolated colonies. (See fig. 23.)

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reached, death soon supervenes. Compensation or adaptation may be so

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Table LVIII. Summary of the Diagnostic Characteristics of Malarial

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amount of the diarrhoea does not appear to bear any necessary relation to

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increase in titer during convalescence is considered of diagnostic