Chloramphenicol Uses In Hindi

att'ected by tumours, tubercular meningitis, gummata, and so
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t be resorted to. The state of the patient, however, precluded its per-
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cillate between these parts, each time renewing the phenomena
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Dr. Sonnenkalb, of Leipsic, considers that snuff commonly acquires an
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uterus was very much enlarged, and, consequently, was in a state
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having attempted to murder him by strangulation. The case was tried in
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time he began to resume his customary duties, but his
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inhalations may be useful in cases where there are cavities form-
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studies have established that a high degree of pro-
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dition of the animal system. Its energies are repressed or
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the section amounted to 4 lb. 9 oz., so that that of the entire tumour
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starch powder, glycerin and rose-water, or glyceramyl, or weak
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It is a wide though untrodden field after all. We can, how-
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the forehead, at the seat of the fractxire; this was done by a semi-
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for November we find a short monograph on " The Sur-
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method for typhoid fever in private practice. Gaillaid's
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n> <>l»ji'Ction. howevor. to inikini; a trial of tin- nine-
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and rest are serviceable. The medical treatment is by ipecacuanha in the form
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and reaching inward to the gray matter, we find the lateral col-
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ment applied: Tincture iodine to uterine cavity, vaginal fornix and
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skin, the long axis of the ellipse to run lengthwise with the
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sistent thymus, lymphatic hvperpl.-isia, and vascular hy-
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bf the husband. There is no doubt a limit to gestation, but it is not in our
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vocal apophysis of the right vocal band, with subsidence of existing oedema
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ment of the peculiar circumstances to which they relate, would there be
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Occasionally it will happen that a seeming malarial at-
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i agency is largely abused I have not the smallest doubt. There is no
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might effect a cure by her own efforts. This expectation, I how-
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Treatment. — ^To remove a foreign body from under the lid, first of
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it is suggested that the amoebae live as commensals in the intestine of the host and
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frequently in persons who are advanced in Life." —
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tion of the seed of this drug showed it to be without activity.