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Fig-. 5. — Behavior of white pellagrins who suffered their initial attacks of
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cancer is due to local conditions ; that these conditions are not
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have a great effect in retaining it in its proper situation. The
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about the possibilities of the mind's own powers over
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been arranged in accordance with its present imperfect analysis, as follows :
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the epiphysis. We find also this marked distinction,
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more than half of these cases the patients were found to have been the subjects
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placing severe restrictions upon commerce and travel,
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ger iu opening the abdomen aud fastening the uterus
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ing water contaminated by the sewage of from one-fifth
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upon each examination, plenty of madder in the urine.
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modification of it. According to Howell,^ the following saline com-
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the milky appearance to disappear, but frequently repeated shaking with
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We report a case of biopsy-proven Wegener’s gran-
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animals were dissected immediately after death, in order perfectly to
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uring refraction. Dr. Loring also has a new modification of his
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first, the danger of haemorrhage. Loss of blood has a bad effect
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termined empirically, and we have no right to say of
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intelligent cooperation between physicians, sanitary officials,
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gelatiniform softening employed by Louis and by Cruveilhier, who regarded
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goes on, all the febrile symptoms increase, and the skin
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sensation. The rays of radium produce in the retina fluores-
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A case of this kind presented itself to me at the New
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made visible by this instrument, has already been alluded to. Chemical
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sources, and organisms which in persons above j^r would
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severe parenchymal lung disease complicates their treat-
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some years been in charge of the Lad}- Dufferin Hospital, Calcutta.
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nosis of spotted typhus.] Casop. lek. ce^k., v Praze, 1899,
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ommended for dysentery as long ago as 181 7, but owing to the im-
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respiratory act, are suddenly and powerfully impressed by an inflammatory action, cer-
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should expect a thoroughly successful ending, unless it should transpire that,
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York, read a paper with this title, in which, after referring to
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were only 4 per minute. Artificial respiration was then kept
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Retinal apoplexy does not, however, always, I think, indicate
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and unlikely materials. It is extensively eUten in Andalusia.
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of a joint inflammation. In scrofula he had to assume, in
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tion. One instance, too, of a different form of disease from that
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how is chloroquine diphosphate used in blood banking
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had completely and at once killed the tissue (Brodie, Paget).
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ous societies. Another would be found in arranging the
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months following the original vaccination (Table 3). Most
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cause fatal effusion of blood, but in these instances the effusion commonly
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The train of morbid actions commences in the digestive organs, and
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This is the funniest chapter, I think, in the history of