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was recently illustrated in the case of a right sided serous efl usion
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to the spleen lymph nodes intestines and places where the typhoid
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great diminution of the intercourse between these towns. From
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be removed and Simpson s forceps substituted. Others
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short time and frequently destroys the patient more rapidly than when it is
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the anterior portion of the sacral canal during intervertebral
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John A. Stanley of Fountain Creek Tenn. writing September
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energetic efforts while gonorrhoeal stricture do so more gradually.
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very doubtful success. Mr. Spaldin gives the case of a
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partly probably upon the nature of the seed or virus
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inclined to consider this inoculation negative in so far as the pro
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well known form being restricted at the beginning of the
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the effectiveness of the poisonous influence. In acute cases the de
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case is a good example of the marvellous way in which a
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constructed by the Social Union as well as a number of play
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is there any probability that it will ever form a tumor
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third general assembly appropriate a sufficient sum to establish
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magistrate however evidently impressed with the necessity of
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ply to relieve the entire intestinal tract either from the
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GALLEHER Earl Potter Associate Professor of Urology A.B. Princeton University
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curette or by ablation of the middle turbinated Ixme. The frontal sinus
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selected in the construction of the stem in order to effect
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speakers narrated cases bearing on the subject discussed
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Society of d e District of Colnaibia ockbrsted its one hun
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state apparently without any complications for several days
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of the milder forms of tonsillitis and pharyngitis.
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Treatment. One or two daily ablutions pure air plenty of sun
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own work this year than he had ever seen before dur
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food that is badly decomposed is also likelj to contain
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We have got a bare quorum. It is an important matter. I
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Forty one cases had attended. Very successful results had been attained in
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great groups of invertebrates except the Protozoa. Struc
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meal gave results which fell within the accepted range
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fee connnanding the Division of the Philip ines on November
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thought to be trifling and are thus neglected. Could
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