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shows a typical degeneration of the posterior columns (Westphal) ; and, on
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ciplox 500 mg cena
rents the contractions are decidedly slow, tonic, and also persistent. They
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Dorsal Myelitis. — Upper extremities free. Motor, and eventually sensory,
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most always hangs over forward, from its own weight. The eyes generally
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the middle of the cord, corresponding to the position of the central canal,
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other joints, we have a sudden development of marked swelling and tender-
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and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Practical Pharmacy. Fee, £5 5s.,
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course of the reflex tracts and the influence of other nerve tracts upon them.
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mixture of these remedies (for instance, equal parts of antipyrin and phenac-
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fusion and dementia, but some cases remain in a paranoid state for years.
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tion in these subjects. No hospital attendance is enjoined for this
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Df milk and milk products in bulk dispenser containers. The specifications for the
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sometimes the same factors which we have already seen to be possible causes
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are most marked in the posterior and lateral columns, but they are quite dif-
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Article lY. of the American Medical College Association runs
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dementia rapidly developed, which increased to profound idiocy. Excitement,
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often fatal, death being ushered in by a great rise of temperature.
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Division of the Biological Sciences, and (b) Rush Medical College.
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impaired in tabes, since it depends on a stimulation of the intramuscular
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1 a. Hoi^ do artificial swet«R€r^ differ from suqar'
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pounding and dispensing drugs at the laboratory of an hospital, dis-
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sugar disappear temporarily from the urine, and the patient apparently com-
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to regard these three groups of symptoms as really identical, we shall be less
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attended for at least six. months the practice of a lying-in hospital, or
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cneeses. In 196o!lS!f oerce^ of Shf p^SSCc'^ T.llZtil'^ own characteristic
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class the paralyses which apparently come on spontaneously and completely
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Diggs, Plzak, Fehr, Nittis, Zieman, Gilchrist, Dorsey, Rosi.
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The hooJu selected are : — Greek — Xenophon'B " Anabasis," book i ;
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teriology, parasitology, and immunology. Lectures and demonstrations. Becker,
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with distinction the work for the Bachelor's degree. Each department of the University