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Besides this difference in tone, there is likewise some differ-
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the appetite, and invigorate digestion. This effect they undoubtedly
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come last under the power of the stupefying agent, or, to speak more
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Friction. — Friction is more a passive than an active mo-
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instances, be substituted for the nervous influence, if brought to bear on
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the sympathetic nerve, a branch from which governs the action of the
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tained at usual room temperature (25° C) is evident only when a
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perience — the student can be taught practically,
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A moderate heat drives off their water of crystallization, and reduces
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irritant; but, when so employed as to obtain its peculiar inQuence, it is
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which is that of Dr. Gregory, of Edinburgh. From three grains of it
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of mice rendered free of staphylococci by acid treatment did not
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a slight tingling: sensation to the part at which the current enters ; while
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Treatment of Acuie Poisoning. There is no antidote to opium which
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be easily made to the bedclothes, there is not much chance
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general comes to be disregarded. Sometimes it may for a time be very
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bath, and opiates ; but experience has not proved it to possess any special
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on flannel after they have grown up to the adult state, and it
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< Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun
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gnst lone ud nifrid intenniftfdoiis^ : and a fc^obk^ inj«rQim*nt miiy ftdl
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After having been swallowed, they have been found in the secretions
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grains, unless it should prove irritant to the stomach. It is most con- i
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free animals, whether the latter would not be more suitable
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typhoid fever, and the chronic diarrhata of children, I can say little
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cold, the countenance pale, shrunken, and ghastly ; and, though reaction
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qui-iodide and sesquioxide; but that iodine is liberated is shown
ciplox eye ear drops in hindi
greater importance, is the observation that a second invading or-
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