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The prevalence of this disease in this small section of country

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sulting Ophthalmologist to the Philadelphia Polyclinic Ophthalmic

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hypothesis. INIost of the writer s patients have been residents of large towns

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ed towards them. I had but the single wish that their comfortable

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keep their heads but you had better look out in the field.

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We know that the retinal hsemorrhages met with in gouty

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of the spine. The value of this means in correctly determining

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A Powder used in the same manner and doses as Pepsin.

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Botalli may be found open when congenital atelectasis has kept up

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Taylor and Messrs. Massey and Thompson surgeons of Nottingham.

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tation. For thif purpose opium is highly extolled and as constantly used as

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easily decomposed and is therefore unfit for use in

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are poured into test tubes stopped with cotton wool.

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standard class. A few rare cases where the history is remote

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that in many hospital and some private patients I have per

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thesis which will require better observed facts before it can be es

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there is slight fever after which an eruption appears on different

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the eosinophiles begin toward the end of the week to increase

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line of tlie gland contrary to what is stated by Einger was well

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to say therefore that cycling though it increases the

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devotes his attention wholly to his own department and

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state. Every professional principle nay the common principles of humanity

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room dissects out only the main trunks of the vessels and

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sites many times accompanied by other intiniders. So

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my case the metastasis took place and the labyrinth be

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portion of his subject in a more satisfactoiy manner.

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of secondary disease in children younger than years

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speciallv if only one or two abscesses arc formed but wher

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of the lip no special warning will be needed to call out every

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already treated of starting and shying. When they obvi