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though for convenience, the chest was tapped, post mortem, the
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ointment ; at least such has been my experience. The two
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area involved in tuberculous ulceration of the mucosa are usually dis-
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given but failed, and a messenger was sent nearly a hundred miles
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right ventricle of the heart contained coa- recommended by my friend, Dr. Radclyffe
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trouble, pregnancy, extensive loss of blood, or acute disease.
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plicated or riot. It must not be confounded with the
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side. At first the decomposing lochial discharge was
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suflFer from periosteal pains, and on the first of April an iritis commenced
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of religion, so also this venerable Faculty has been suspected,
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together the strings of her purse in so far as he was concerned.
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thi> is that most of the prevalent chronic diseases are
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far too much to do while it was still structurally imperfect, over-
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improved. She ate raw scraped beef, and drank milk punch and broths
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where, owing to the limited amount of space at my com-
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the clan, tribe or nation are established facts — the early kings
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the prevailing " mixed," diet. I beHeve that the reverse of this will not be even
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the set out. Those laughable incidents belong to a much
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put a teaspoonful of salt in the corner of the pan, add a half
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the organic matter that constitute the element of dan-
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mation, but, when there are symptoms of embarrassed circulation with
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this purpose the urine is collected in two portions. The portion collected in
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hospitals will oppose action by the officials. One reason is
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u6cessil6 d'tin rcboisemeiit gen6ml. j. ile nied., eliir. et
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his hospital practice, or one death in 6.27 oases, or 13.9 per cent. In like manner
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pelled to do so. Her husband urged her to The fifth case, D. G., a young man,
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cultural, shopping activities. Open staff hospitals nearby.
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hollow viscera may be observed of course, and frequently one
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a disinfecting wash for the hands of those engaged in midwifery practice, Dr.
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to the peculiarities of the placental circulation, cannot pass either from mother
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is regulated according to the wants of the system. These
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the disease sometimes exists without being recognized, or it is confounded
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of employment, because it promised better pay and probably
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together $6.00 per day are dispensed with, so the saving is $3.00 a day.
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in the cases in question, although the cause of the disease and its
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sion much more often appears after slight than after
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and research, and the endowment, by an unknown donor,
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We wish in conclusion to recommend to those in authority the plan of
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invaluable in the majority of pelvic operations, it has its dangers with
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finally, that two physicians — Gains of Naples and Demos-