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within three hours of the time of my arrival. The os uteri was well

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the region of the heart, -which he had nut experienced before.

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over this disease is so very great that it has been considered a specific ;

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spasticity begins ; and this presumably goes on some time before the

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er, were the best palliatives in irritable stomach — charcoal was

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had fulfilled the practical part of our mission and all that was demanded of us;

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congested. There may be effusion into the pleursd cavities. Material from the

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mirable, and his familiarity with neuropathology has that

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Guy's°Hospital, in January 1861, no source of lead could be traced, although

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ceed to Beaufort, S. C , as inspector. September 9, 1893.

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Authorized translations, with additions, by Francis H. Stuart, A.M.,

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in the vessels and interstitial tissue. If the case be examined some

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Fig. 220 shows the position of the physician's hand.

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had taken place in its constitution ; and that able

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As for sleeping sickness, that is a disease native to

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attention of a nurse, who should watch the patient very

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neui'asthenic existed in letters, not in science. He asked if the

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Art. VIII. — Liquor Sodce Chlorates: A few Observations upon its

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conical cervix with pin-hole os, chronic endometritis with lesions

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-and the " Dowieites," impudently undertaking to cure infectious

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area so much blood would be diverted to this region that the

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Cheadle, C. M., Asheville, Keokuk Med. Coll., 1898 1919 1921

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had been suppressed. In these, the lesions appeared with great regu-

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Crusaders, Winston-Salem Schools (see General Sessions, Tuesday evening).

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area of a sensitized rabbit, No. HSX 11. This inflammatory reaction was accom-

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Croton chloral hydrate is advised by Eustace Smith. He gives 1 grain

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ever, the articular affection steadily improved, and the temperature did not

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The Technique of Ventral Fixation of the Uterus and

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