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nutrition of the lung-tissue ; and this is the point to be borne in
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should not be treated too heroically ; douchings will not reach all the
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Mem. Yt. Med. Soc. ; Bos. Soc. Med. Obs. ; Bos. Med. Psychol.
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not been cleared up, the pathology of the disease is also incom-
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works on this subject, and it would form a most desirable text-book for
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Cheyenne. On the lines of the Burhngton & Misssouri and the Elk-
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genuine competitor with Tunbridge Wells. After 1770 the spa declined
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in the wilderness. ^ David gave King Saul a dowry of
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them from sinking into the ground, from which they raised the
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It may be resorted to as a palliative measure in inoperable
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was obtained, save in one case ; our negative results
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potassium iodide, 121; preliminary communication on the absorp-
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The administration of drugs as a preventive is useless ;
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hemiplegic cases the curious combination of post-hemiplegic rigidity with
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auditory word-centre is either non-existent or possessed of no functional
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hand, the introduction of manual training into many
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and isolated as far as possible ; they can be allowed an abundance
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distributed in Manila until a crusade against the rodents was
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to permit their being curved according to the builder's design. These
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cases suffocation must be obviated by opening the wind-
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brain — its substance appeared healthy. The pia mater showed
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a definite statement and synonyms are also added ; in the case of a word
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patients had a more rapid return of bowel sounds, faster
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the properties of the one under investigation. I therefore prescribed
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gland. The disease occurs much • more frequently in
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Hospital for Women. In 1890 he declined the position of surgeon
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portarum, it receives also the blood of the hind legs, pelvis, tail, and
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the spasm of the rectus capitis lateralis. The displace-
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performed with lymph taken from the cow on the seventh and eighth