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lobular elongation shaped like the kidney. The kidney was
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mal, if bright red, and if the vesicle be of typical appearance.
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which in England are sold for seventeen shillings sterling, and which could
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this section, popular misconception concerning certain
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energetic treatment. On the whole, I would advise you, in treating
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prevented the separation of the teeth and consequently the mastication of
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From Prof Cabell. — Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the
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force of surrounding circumstances, partook of the character of the hardy
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I have nothing particular to relate, (adds Prof. Eve,) concerning the
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patient may be dead. More rapid, yet just as certain,
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drugs his patient irrationally, owing to his undue confidence in the adapta-
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Association of American Medical Colleges, St. Paal. June 3.
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than those which they are applied to supplant. The Pinelians, the fol-
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fancy ; but they have achieved the triumphs of philosophy. To them do
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present the various stages of chromatolysisi There occur
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of carbolic acid, a history full of valuable hints as to
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I am usually unable to see, but as far as his history goes he
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the latter is undoubtedly enhanced, I had myself sur-
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63. B«tlnal Olioma. — The methods of invasion of glioma
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occupations much before the period which nature seems as above to have
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promised, as well as others on different subjects. The address
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slightly attended, as, in innumerable instances, to admit of easy escape, with
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rounding the larger arteries and veins. 8. The branches of the
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been poured in; the slightest touch impairs the accuracy of
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Introductory Lecture in the University af Maryland; Morton's Illustrations
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induces symptoms of colica pictonum, and consequently must be discon-
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i me a matter of considerable concern. More especially
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previous existence of the morbid growth, or the curative efforts of the
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coagulation. The suprarenal capsules secrete a substance
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two sexes. The following is the substance of his description : — In the foetal
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in a small bright red spot between the size of a pin-
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the house father they keep in touch with their friends,
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deaths: Karachi, Feb. 10-24, 23 cases, 10 deaths; Madras, Feb. 16-
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duct — might be found more commonly than report-;
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ciation will fe in a position to bring it before Congress.
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acid to prevent all kinds of diseases due to fermentation,
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thorax transversely diminishing instead of being augmented.
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assimilating process, is by taking advantage of elaterium. It becomes a
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gratified to read " Experiments on the Hydrated Peroxide of Iron, by Dr.
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tion, 6 months ; female, 18 ; weakness of legs and lessened sensi-
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cated that will prevent the transformation of the lesion into an
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them the right to prevent others copying their inventions for
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