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which insidiously transform a simple inflammation of
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back ; the eyes half closed ; the eyeballs rolled upwards ; the
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ever, the etherization is carried beyond the point of local anaesthesia
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peutic agent he has applied it as a spray or by means of a
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cells, the cells, as it were, becoming exhausted under
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In one case the patient had had syphilis twnty-five
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Lord Skelinersdale. The duties of director of ceremonies were
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The associations, habits, and reading of the child must be guarded so
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The writer further says : — " As we stimulate indolent, flabby granu-
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kidney emulsions of Guinea Pig 81. The animal had a temperature of 40°C.
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course prevented the complete medicinal effect of the
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ducted across the riiilit thigh, and tlexed at an angle of
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the amyl nitrite had no effect, for the dilatation of the blood-
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borders hazy and indistinct, but not obliterated. The
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ilar to that su'JCgested by Dr. Peaslee, but more fre-
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are preserved of nearly the same length as the superficial muscles ;
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an enema of the same were ordered; also quinine to be continued as before. As the
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means singly considered. When bleeding is indicated its
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cases which would otherwise go on to death are saved by
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minutes he was roused with difficulty from the stupor into
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in osteomyelitic processes are due to differing varieties
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tient must be treated according to his individual pecu-
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came imder the care of Dr. E. C. Cartledge, who had referred him
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CaAP. L — Catarrh of the Bladder— Cystitis Catarrhalis, ...... 64
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of the occupational health service. This list is not intended
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Dr. Myers said that the diagnosis of malignant disease of the spine was readily
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diagnosis, if it is a good one, or to receive a new edition of a
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the exercises a banquet was served at the Plankinton House. Dr. Herman
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ever prr e« prove Citjil, it 13 \iy its irregular or bo-c^mI mupUocd Bok-
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liable to a relapse ; and if he is single you should advise him to marry.
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solution of novocaine was employed. The superficial cervical nerves on both
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where plenty of space, quiet, and fresh air and exer-
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nox. In the class of cases characterized by sharp chills, intense fever,
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favorable cases, he has had seventy per cent, of cures, and among