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connection with paralytic shocks I have often seen a slight attack of this

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or the actual cautery, the same principle must be borne in mind, and

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elucidates the laws of periodicity, it draws attention to facts of varying

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were collected to give it popularity. Shippen, Cadwallader,

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for a few days or weeks, or the eruption may surprise a patient apparently

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serious muscular effort. A copying clerk can write, let us say, a word

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manners and a delicate touch, together with considerable muscular strength

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need only allow that if psoriasis be due to the action of a parasite, this

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fore very common in insane women. It is often associated with amenor-

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is completely justified by its course, shaking may be seen only when the

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the medical supply officer being the accountable officer and a

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on various parts of the body. The inflammation concerns the epidermis

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The pain is cramp-like in character and extends up the limbs, in the course

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diseases unknown before. A very little study of this all-pervading

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Pain is usually present from the first ; it is shooting in character and

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However, so-called syphilitic " leucodermia " is usually a melanodermia.

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the disgusting scenes be has seen and acted in his former

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is more common in women than in men. It generally begins after forty.

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energy, an essential distinction presents itself between the changes in

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officers of the army of the Revolution, whose profession had

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modern name. Cases have also been published by Dubreuilh and others ;

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and is undoubtedly connected with the movement of the head. The

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In the way of treatment there is practically nothing to be done. If

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spasm. As Sir William Gowers reminds us, many people can produce a

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(c) The pipette is mixed as for a red-cell count, and the

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The cell wall is thickened, and a considerable quantity of pigment is

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In the Illustrated Medical News, May 18, 1889, Dr. Judson Bury of

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must be taken to prevent suppuration, which is occasionally troublesome ;

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of the great Edinburgh doctors to wear, for ordinary cos-

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of the compound blebs formed by the fusion of these vesicles are com-

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until the patient is constantly desiring to change his posture, or to

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uses of ashwagandha root

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liver oil, recommended by Hebra, though effectual, may be quite

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described in frogs do not contain pigment, and require further study.

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the money or property is left : no will can be valid when these two

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In insanity it is the same, and this leaves room for the more frequent

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a graver degree (P. agria or ferpx, Hebra) and a P. mitis. The latter is

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apparently enters into the causation of other degenerative diseases makes

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Pinta. — Hyphomyces : found in the epithelial scales of the diseased

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the most favourable cases, simultaneously over the whole area. The

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Full of eager enthusiasm, and absolutely confident of his

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Thus he may cook his own fqod for fear of poison ; live on nothing but

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of peripheral neuritis ; and the diagnosis would have to be made on other

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(Kocher's normal incision may be used.) The edge of the muscle is