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the more readily do knobbed protuberances appear. Their consistence
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looked upon as a part of the sympathetic system, this view became very
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on the education of girls is endorsed emphatically, and the
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cow-sheds in the occupation of persons following the trade of cow-keepers or
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associated, or of the conditions to which it may give rise, especially the
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arch of the aorta led to complete obliteration of the innominate and left
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immediately above the inner third of the supra-orbital margin on the
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perfect animal is born. Some have their parts made one after
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cial respiration, and insufflations only proved equal to his partial resuscita-
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by the discovery of some succedaneum of equal efiicacy. Opium and
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Ulicns; paraplegia complete: viesical paralysis, exaggeration of
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"3. An appearance of slight, or partial expiration, followed by a pause of
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too, under circumstances quite free from even the suspicion of contagion ; in
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pressure for twenty to thirty minutes every two or three hours may be of ser-
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1 Beit rage zur chem. Physiol, u. Pathol., Bd. I, page 243.
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tissue ; that (y) when complete separation has taken place
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C. A large class of cases presenting punctate form of membrane ;
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she became again pregnant, went to her full time, and after an ex-
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stenosis after the clamp and cautery Chrome Intestinal Stasis.— Pnngle di-
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and terminating in death, after wliicli indrefadion goes on with
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promptly and easily of a small movement, to which no
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double ligature of carbolized catgut perforated, and was thrown
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some one treatment promptly cured the disease outright.
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master does not get extra rations, but the apprentices do. Persons
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itself as a peculiarly hoarse, rough, howling bark, the first
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regular. The radial arterial wall was a little thickened.
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The epileptic is specially liable to vicious and criminal conduct, being irritable,
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pain or tenderness. The water from the vaginal injection this morning
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country. After the numerous remonstrances against it from
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or more properly speaking iliac colotomy. We do not think that
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rash appears, with more or less swelling and itching; small blisters
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glands, it is only from the insignificance of the causes from which the
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account that it appears to me that it would have been better had