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a situation near the cjiecum, and a tumor is found in this situation. The
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(3) Bruen — Outlines for the Management of Diet, ..."
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The last report on surgery, presented to the College in the
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In the second stage, the occurrence of liquid effusion and its amount
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Generally, dyspepsia denotes ailments which are sufficiently persisting to
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or constitutional morbid condition, is rendered probable, in addition to
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that thereby the strength of the patient will be sustained or im-
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small quantity at a time, will often be retained when other articles of
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extremity. On closing the aperture, this lobe was readily inflated. The
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medical teaching thus designated properly enough embraces the preven-
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length of the paroxysm the patient is fatigued or exhausted. However
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the largest size, may be readily cut down to smaller dimensions.
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the bowel covered by peritoneum. Perforation of the vermiform appendix
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the modem improvements of construction have been introduced
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This preparation produces results, which can not be ob-
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American practitioner should neglect to proTide himself with an early
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decided relief, whilst under no circumstance has it been produc-
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four years before the operation.^ The flesh of animals, therefore, which
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though many eminent surgeons and obstetricians, both here and
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lowed by slight pain in the back, which, in the course of several
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known as a Standard Remedy for all forms of Lithgemia. The
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about two or three years ago. The patient supposed herself to
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large towns, and are more prevalent in the Northern and Middle than in
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eiaoB at the Blockley Almshoulie ; in which position he dis-
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ders; no evacuation from the bowels, and no vonpiiting. Directed
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progress of the disease ; the menstrual discharge diminishes in quantity,
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ance is not sufficiently common to render the mime follicular iiharyiifjitis
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In addition to the morbid products which have been noticed, namely,
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oxygeniferous agent. The ancients, when they named the
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* Recherchos cliniques et experimentales siir les maladies infectieuses ctudiees
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of the liver is in some way involved. There is no solid foundation for
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not always due to bronchiectasis ; they are sometimes an effect of circum-
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called traumatic. Now, the internal determining causes involved in the
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bility, as the microscope did not furnish the least evidence. Nor
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The cheese from which the deleterious slices were cut weighed
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development of the inflammation is attended with more or less pain which,
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Thb Preliminary Session has been discontinued ; the Spring Term begins early in May, 1892.
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prostrated him in the winter of 1848-49, there seemed to be no