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notice, the illegitimacy of the infants in the mass of our cases, and

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are all fam.iliar, a striking achromia — i. e., the cells are pale

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I potassium, but iodine produces no effect upon the bromide. In

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to watch over the health of their wives, lest consumption steal upon them unawares,

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Duncan's command. By a skilful use of Dr. Collins' and his own

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The amount of non-protein nitrogen and urea nitrogen in

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cians for relief, but generally with but little benefit to health. Physicians mostly do

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the central parts of the brain and corpora quadrigemina, and in Case 7 softening

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certainly follow a total deprivation of the marital right in most instances.

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agriculture, the vicious and criminal youths of a country, instead of putting them

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&tal cases, we find that congestion (more or less complete) of the

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Commentary. — ^In this case there was along with the symptoms of

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particularly treated of under the head of soxual onanism or pollution. That is

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and if the blood be pure, rich and healthy, each and every member of the bodv

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tii>- ^,.i|i two <>r three times a-day, and apply the Ger-

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A- a general thing, people in this country do not wear a sufficiency of clothing

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less true. These premises being admitted, (and no one pretends to deny them,) to

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enlarged and indurated in all parts. The post-mortem examina-

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also of nearly all the subsequent cases which occurred in and

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workers, clever, honest, able workers, but with very few excep-

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r longevity than do the greal mass of mankind at the present day. It is

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the last-mentioned case, in which the ciliary body of the staphy-

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only moderately and in the preparation of other foods.

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with more minute care the animal recovered. In a third experiment

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Post-mortem examination. — Cranium. — The veins on the surface of

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trade, to prevent disease, and a costly charge be put upon it, and I incline to the

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solution in benzole had already taught, that spots deposited firom

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navel. The liver and spleen are not enlarged and the kidneys

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lesion existed. I may here, in passing, allude to an interesting case, described

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poor 50 per cent, of the deaths were of children under five years.

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examination confirmed. This case is interesting in that the

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