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Auscultation gives the same results as yesterday, except
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varies from 102° to 105° F., falling towards the early morning,
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ate too much, the latter too little, or the drink of the one was equivalent to a
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in 1867, the subject of leprosy has continued to excite much interest
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catarrh in its various forms, or a cough, will wear away without
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Patient was a na<;ive of Ireland ; 50 years of age : a
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It must always be a pleasure to a Medical man who knows
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Gowers. Another cast showed a wearing away of the upper part of a femur,
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which is filled with water, to a height of 12 to 20
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only operation to be advised or practised in these cases,
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however, there do not appear to be any good grounds ; it is certainly present
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tophus. The biurate deposit in the cartilage can be demonstrated micro-
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bral tumor — ^headache, vomiting, and optic neuritis — only
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usually seen first in one or both hind legs, and from there becomes
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The fact, however, is that because of his exhaustion he is
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may be given through the course of the disease. The dose is a teaspoon
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side of his head and face. It consisted of three layers of tu-
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ing acuity of vision in very young patients. In all cases of
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from physicians on any subject pertaining to our profession.
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he had exposed himself, but later admitted that after her confinement
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sion ; one classification includes nineteen twentieths of all the cases.
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131 Use and Value of Proprietary Medicines. S. M. C. Howell.
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Millot, ad^ases several small incisions from the centre to the
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case. For bodies which are to be dissected, the injection alone suffices. Small
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labial fold and a diminished energy of the facial muscles of the cor-
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blood to the head, and rendering its vessels gradually more debilitated,
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of the duodenum, exposing a grayish-white mass which was strictly localized
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This sad increase in the mortality induced the hospital
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larged — in pneumonia the percussion-note is not so flat, the intercostal
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We have followed Mr. Mivart through his chief anatomical
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Gesellscb. (1894), 1895, xxv, pt. 2, 181-184,— Haltenhoff.