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cause, it would probably be among our most efficient remedies. We now
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thus made with sugar. It is used chiefly as a vehicle for tonic and pur-
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mon rule not to go into the cold bath, whilst warm. When
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ioertness, in reference to any direct influence on the system in general.
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lanimity draws to its support against courage and animal
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during the night, has not yet recovered the full activity of
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matter, and a slightly bitter and aromatic principle. It is
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sion may give a part of the water to it, by means of the ab-
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alcoholic liquids, it gives a durability of impression, and power of resist-
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apeutics. It has been supposed that nervous action in excess might be
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certain condition which occasionally supervenes upon pneumonia, and is
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were madi trooblcd with dyspeptic and nenrons discnder, and low-
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When poured from a height over the whole body, or used in the form of
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per cent. It was considered by the Greeks as very easy of
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nes8, often stronjarly exprcsi^c^d upon the cauntenance. The walls of the!
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spinal marrow and the sympathetic ganglia, for example, and upon all
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fortunes in these deadly climes. Whilst they landed merely
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ment of intermittents. Though greatly inferior in antipcriodic power to
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adopted, the kind of animal experimented on, and perhaps
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Through its influence upon the processes by which the blood is formed,
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It is too often the case, that those who yield to all their pa-
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twelfth of a grain of strychnia ; and instances have already been referred
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soluble in alcohol and not in water, some of which are believed to be
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advantage of Madeira is, that no wind can blow on it which
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lakes, although no perceptible impression is made on them by evaporation,
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tnms of the screw, in excess, may produce serious results. Air. Hunter
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of Iron, and Ammonia; 8. Neutraliiing Disinfectants, including Carbolic
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and exhalations from the patients have a sour smell, as they are apt to
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or four fluidounces of mucilaginous liquid ; and the same method of pre-
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that, before entering the circulation, it would he chemically altered, and]
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to carry full to his mouth, and for which he has bartered in-
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it, in this country, have been recorded; one resulting from a single
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The virtues of sage arc those of a gentle tonic and astringent, and an
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generally obvious head symptoms, and palsy elsewhere, there Is one
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nitrons oxide has over all the other known anffistheties is, that it is itself
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gaatrnlfzic afTeetiong, acting through ihe pneumognstirio nerve.
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fewer. The evaporation from the surface of the body and
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from the preceding variety ; except that, instead of being imported in
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capable of producing it By sonje writers the anasstbetics have been
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sequently the death of the part. In this way many caustic substances
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regulations as will prevent the entry of contagious disease
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two parts of water, for aneurisms about one part to four. Hut thin
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