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also, part of the fifth and sixth ribs on the left side, between

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which it is concerned. The writer's opinion is, that

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Medical Bill, in which, in twelve pages, he puts the whole of this

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and transverse directions, and the fasciculus is re-

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cent, indicates that what is lost in the non-produc-

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The pericardium had contracted adhesions to the left lung.

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sulphides of lead, and secm^e their removal with the

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that it relieves tension — impeded cu-culation— im-

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silver, all the mischief would have been prevented.

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January 2nd, 1864, 3470 persons died fi-om pulmonary

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Under these circumstances, I determined on rupturing

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the child does not recede, and if there is sufficient

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have lost the thigh — the most instructive patients of this descrip-

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siu'ance companies, esj)ecially the Lancashire, which

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weekly, which reach the General Eegister Office every ^^^^^^^ ^o the " strong block," of which we shall

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than really, more cures really than lawfully ; of more

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costalis was found to be elevated from off the ribs by blood

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very slight addition of bulk to the head, or a very

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ten cases of bronchitis, six of phthisis, two of hismo-

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diet is capable of affecting the deposition of fibrine,

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lead in the tissues. I have had several cases under

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given origin to it, or whether any change was neces-

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the distorted promontory of the sacrum, which projected close to the

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fiered no inconvenience from it, as the slight laceration had

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and that he cotild implicitly rely on every statement

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operation, as contrasted with the rude, unanatomical,

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death. It is said that, when the registrar applied to

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At the age of fifteen, owing to her inability to perform laborious

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worker in tliis unexplored field ; and to his perse-

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having omitted to mention this distinctive difference.

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differences in these minutiae as no language can express: and

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healthy, but pale. An abscess had formed, and burst

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the princij^le of inspection of examinations. He pro-

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of many, if not of all, that they are very expressive,

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,£129 : 13. Surgeons were called for the plaintiff, and

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