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vals. The drug should be used with caution in patients with impaired renal or

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success with intragastric electricity encourages further use.

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because the tuberculous matter, having become an encysted foreign

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mouth spirals. It is worth mentioning that evidences of degeneration or dis-

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this case. Dr. Strong died of acute septicivinia six

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graph in the American Medical Times, that political

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the assumption of the validity of Donnan's equilibrium equation

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conspicuous fashion as the most steadfast of all the advisers of the

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erty differentiating them from the common staphylococcus. If simple micro-

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After injection, the scrotum must be manipulated so as to

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amiss to any physician. There are a few very prominent points among


He bled, in fact, until syncope took place. I saw him some

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has been normal since the fourth day after the operation.

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cascum. The colon, entirely hid by the small intestines, was

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the duration will be several months, even a year may elapse before

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warm bath is not the best mode of using external heat. Such a disco-

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5. Brazis PW, Biller J, Fine M, et al: Cerebellar degeneration with Hodgkin’s

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instruments. This danger is not fancied but real, and the fear-

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coarse hairs being discarded), is freed from dust as much

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patient was advised, prior to using this injection, that a

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Cancer of the Stomach — Joseph Ransohoff, Cincinnati, Academy of

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prior to that of Copland. If, therefore, the year assigned to Copland's

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arrest intestinal transudation, if it continue ; but to employ opiates very

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in planning a college, a hotel, or a dwelling-house. Matters are gradually

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always accompanies catarrh of the gastric and intestinal mucous mem-

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tion is noticed in secondary lesions at times. This

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rinderpest through their progenitors, but up to the present this has been

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it may be predicted with much confidence that the seat of the hemorrhage

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developed by following the excellent rule of frequent and regular exercises. In these

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purposes. When laryngoscopic examination either leaves a reasonable

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proportion of the blind is about a medium betweea the

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be begotten. If in the connection by which impregnation takes

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cient, the digestive powers and the ulterior process of assimi-

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Ipecacuanha i>owder in large doses of 20-40 or even GO

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I'^tude lies bartholinites, eten ])articnlier de leur

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mislaid. I will now request the Registrar to read the letter

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tlie statement that a narrow meatus was required to

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example of the latter form of heteradelphia is that occurring on