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The cause must therefore be a mechanical one. Bearing in mind the
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Watson in this work. These findings were later confirmed by Dr.
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In the same year the Societe de TAllaitement Maternel was formed
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Necropsy. — The necropsy had to be performed very hastily and incompletely,
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colon, but no typical button ulcers of hog cholera."
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tion, therefore, as ^ preventive measure deserves to be encouraged.
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get up very often to pass water — every half-hour,
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the majority of consumptive patients, especially if the disease be advanced
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culate in any part, there is no feeling in that part; and where
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results are satisfactory. Without detailing the cases. 1 will mention
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34. Origin and History of the Germ Cells. — Mj. or §Mj. Spring, Assistant
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*A Text-book of Bacteriology, \Vm. Wood & Co., 1896.
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gland (the chorda tympani) in the dog, it has been found that, whereas
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ing less for cigarettes and beer." Yes, Bill did buy one pack of
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York. Abs. from A una Is of Surgery . April 1 9 1 8.
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mammals, living in their nests, and the travelling nymphs or hypopi
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nor had she noticed any flushing of the cheeks nor pink streaks
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'' I have great pleasure in expressing my appreciation of Esencia
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(4) The Indications for Surgical Intervention. American Journal
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water. When preliminary preparation is required 0.5 per cent car-
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coccus or the streptococcus when these latter bacteria are present under
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