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1882, Par., 1884, vi, 37. Also: J. do med. de I'ouest, Nantes,
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Infusion. Fluid extract, |i. Hot water, one pint. Mix. Dose,
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duced by means of its needle through a puncture just below the point
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Vaginal drainage, which has been much employed, is now
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Also: Arch. d'oplit., Par., 1887, vii, 481-485.— Pliilippsoii
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Austin. 1899-1900. ix, 130-145 -tla Silva Oarcia (F.) A
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" The book is a really useful one." — Birm, Med. Rev.
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74. New Laws, or alterations in existing Laws, can be proposed only at the
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Allen,' of New York, and t^reeman,' of Reading, make many
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little or no leakage of the abdominal contents took place.
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Gen Bliss's Off files, "Util of MCs in the ZI" (19) #1.
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early true exophthalmic goitre. severe true exophthalmic goitre.
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a girl was admitted into Miriam Ward who had on her chest and breasts a
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