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So great is the hereditary predisposition in many people, that, if they are

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years, and caused a great deal of trouble, dissatisfaction,



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be allowed to use the prefix "Dr." This remark elicited

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metallic scum. He states the proportions as two of methylene blue solution

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his criterion was « the existence or non-existencee of any persistent rise of tempe-

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society meetings, luncheon clubs and various lay groups

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The Clavicles. The clavicles may be elevated or de-

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22-63. — l.ons (G.) Epilepsie et catatacte. J. denied,

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firmly bound on ; then, as the acute eruption improves, parasiticides

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elapses from the time of exposure to the development of the sore,

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plasm have increased in size, their processes are now much

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mation of the substance of the cervix, and the pres-

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bullets causes them to inflict injuries resembling subcutaneous wounds

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iocrity has no place in medicineand only the best and absolutely reliable article will make

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at least openly avowed that even if plague existed the

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to have done good in these cases. The following may therefore

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in the upper fornix, near the outer canthus, these were

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A third class of communicable diseases may be appa-

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Dr. Watson-Williams (in reply) : I am very glad to hear that my thesis

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below it, and the facial a short distance above it. It should be remembered that

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the left half of the laryngeal surface of the epiglottis. At this

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be cut off prematurely by extravasations of blood into the brain, due to

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in length in tlie centre between the tents. Two tents are then put

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of this drug is that the immense daily doses, averaging

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The reverse of this is, however, significant — viz., a late

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followed by a slow deliberate contraction of the degenerate muscles ; if

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and partly within the junction of the coffin and lower pastern.

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There is an opening on both sides, and there is great inabiUty

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and also present in practically all of the cases in which

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pain” or “syncope.” Moreover, clinicians have not been

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Strumpell (Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., September 18, 1900) understood

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months later in the August 29 issue of Lancet. By that time,