Dhe And Phenergan

than the left. The left pupil slowly reacts to light,
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insanity. According to Dr. Maudsley the proportion of distinctly heredi-
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been of limited extent, instead of affecting the entire
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and on the fourth day began to spread upward toward
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In contradistinction between the official spirit of nitrous
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ing upon this examination the jjatient fell ill with a
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tory diseases. Autumn and Winter. Limited to 10 students. W., S., 11:00-1:00. 48
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cast off the placenta is precipitate, the signal of readiness being
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when it can be said with assurance that the institutional
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result. Any attempt to lessen this excessive convergence
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guson in proof that cases of neuralgic and constitutional dys-
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Fisher and Isaac H. Jones give a detailed account of
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3Iorpholo(iy and Cultural Properties. — In morpholog}^ the organism
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sonorous undulations are propagated through air by the
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there may be, especially in chronic cases, extensive muscular atrophy, even
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mation ; yet, if they fail at first, they cannot but materially
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physician finds, much to his chagrin, that the patient has consulted some-
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edition of this w >rk (Fig. 319). On the L7th of December 1863, I
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this discovery of mine (jf it deserve so grand a name 1 ', as I was,
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used in Asia for its strong narcotic and intoxicating properties,
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use of in the form of ammonia to maintain the intracellular
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metropolis are almost national in their importance and difficulties,
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tinue my visits daily, I left her, with directions to report to me her
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place, those who wait for ' Nature's efforts to wall off the
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of the Mastoid Antrum, Archives of Otology, vol. xxi, No. 3.
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The tirst case was brought to the Hospital on July 19, the last
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contained but little, the kidneys much blood, the vena cava and the
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tion of a muscle is generally, but not always, accompa-
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instrument he had constructed for the purpose, that, as a rule, in such cases the
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The certificate of death was as follows : — " Calculus
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causes cardiac and vascular dilatation by acting directly on the musculature
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extensively; that the tendency of the growth is to drift toward
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may occur at any subsequent age. The early age at which the