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tuberculous character of a pleurisy the following points
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Directed the patient to take an emollient bath, consisting of twenty-five or
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ooetaneous with the development of the tubercles, for though both lungs
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tinable substances of the bacteria, as evidenced by a marked loss
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poison having caused the disease and then to remove the poison from
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infants whom I have attended, I can not remember one who
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it should not omit to insist upon the great necessity of
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treatment of the right knee-joint. A competent authority said, how-
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whether absolutely dry air can form benzoyl acetyl peroxide with a mixture of
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As measured by recognized standards of inmate health
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upon a chemical analysis of soils to show what elements are
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that there was a clear absence of any signs or symptoms pointing
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its external protective position, its decreased capabilities for
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we may reason, and possibly with some show of plausibility, that the electropoise
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limewhiting, cleansing, veniilation, and disinfection of very
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lived and were even able to walk for six months after he had completely removed their
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feet recovered completely. On landing, he suffered from pains in the head
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Dr. Rockwell explained that he referred to lithotripsy.
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rows relates an instance in which this propensity declared itself through
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the affected side which corresponds to the space occupied by the liquid.
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formed tongue was made, with no part of cut surface exposed.
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had an unfavourable result, or a recurrence of the disease. (The
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is especially susceptible. The colored race rarely suffers, althou^ of a series
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New York, offers the rates which are allowed French officers,
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be given the same consideration and treatment that we grant to those whose
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in the puffed eyelids, which almost preclude vision. Thence gradually,
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or upwards and inwards, until the pupil is hidden beneath the upper lid.
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..., « <..•.♦■ — "" i, -- '->^y-.. • pjJTV Vi*"< r£ ^y^ **'-^^
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The diagnosis of sciatic neuralgia involves its discrimination from mus-
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Kenzie*^ states that carbon dioxide, 22 volumes per cent in Ringer-
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ability, but simply from adopting an entirely ^\Tong method of