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ingly vascular, and very seldom contain large blood-vessels. There
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patient at once complained of difficulty of respiration, and,
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rhceal lymphangitis and lymphadenitis present no extraordinary features.
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which we are all familiar. As muscular wasting progresses,
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tices. Internally we may give an emulsion, and at evening a moderate
Fig, I. — Sketch of a frequency distribution of Phagocytes, showing
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tressing position with patience, and without longing for superfluous
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the house of correction at Prague, described by Cejka, the influence of
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bones of the nose, may recover completely. Some time ago, at the
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corpuscles themselves, into whose chemical composition iron enters
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Leathes ^ also finds that urate excretion, in a normal
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often develops in the midst of a copious excretion of liquid from the
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seek medical aid for their pollutions. These also have masturbated
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out of the abdomen through a small incision in the abdominal
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remarked that the variation of symptoms, the temporary improvement
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the cheeks. Of course, these symptoms only render the diagnosis of
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methods of procedure, and goes on to say that the method explains why
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resulting from disease of the arteries. If a patient has had one attack
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of -4 may be taken as being diagnostic, but it is often much
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turbid mixture of sulphur and water, or alcohol. In old cases, almost
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attain as high a grade as they usually do by the end of the second
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a moderate exercise both of body and mind should be advised. Epi-
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found in other organs when there is stoppage of the vessels by throm-
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women who are not nursing, and even those of children. The vicinity
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and appear, therefore, to be raised when quoted as a per-
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compressed, and its function not disturbed. Perhaps the presence or
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from the rule are inexplicable, it is true, but this is also true of regular
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of the skin from erosion by the tryptic ferment of the pus
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focus of infection which are specially favourable to the infecting
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accuracy of the opsonic technique and the diagnostic value
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round ligaments are dragged through the broad ligament
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