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were then injected with colloidal copper from the ninth to the

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Monsarrat s cultures soon lost their virulence and became inert.

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right to go to Congress and labor for their repeal.

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W. W. Shirley Tutor and late Fellow of Wadham College

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appear and was a matter worthy of thought and investigation.

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ceutical and biological products differ widely in regard to their thera

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necrosis or abscess or to hypertrophy as in exostosis and ulti

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which it has in common only the fibrinous casts of the

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see that heat is not like cold. It is not a horse with

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are equally sudden one paroxysm generally lasting from three

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a gradient in susceptibility is present although the absence of visible

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is obtained the curve of rotation of the dorsal vertebrae.

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plications placed over be renal region by cardiac stimu

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In isolated cases of measles the differential diagnosis cannot be made

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respiration was as usual slightly increased in rate

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if uncombined with other disturbing influences. For example a

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portunity of seeing a.Japanese translation of the Jlan

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periments were made by me in a series of six cases of

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In almost all cases home treatment only confirms the malady.

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the invisible stream of heated air which ascends from the gloomy coal

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a lacerated frontal lobe has broken through the lateral ven

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scarcely to be considered under these circumstances. The fall of tem

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the concavity of the blades forward. When the forceps are held tan

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After free exposure to the air for prompt desiccation at room

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Tkeat.ment. The usual treatment is to give a combination of

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pretty firmly adherent to the abdominal wound an in

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Heume toward the end of the sixteenth century from Padua to Leyden

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for Rational physicians who will do for their patients whatever

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in a change of behavior or a moderation of the irrational