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which is diastolic, mid-diastolic, or presystolic in time, an accentuated pul-

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One of the greatest difficulties in many communities is the lack of any proper

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the only positive proof we have of hemorrhage but this does not necessarily

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The patient is then quietly turned upon his back, thus releasing the rolled-

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It is well to bear in mind that diphtheria is a debiHtating disease, and

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that the tendency to general infection was due to a diminished bactericidal

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neurotic conditions, hypersesthesia, lung and pleural conditions, pericarditis,

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culture of bacilli with suicidal intent, there was headache and malaise on the

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will have a time of trial, which will show whether his natural

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casts present; besides this the size of the casts indicates a

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be easily changed so as to make him as comfortable as possible. The head

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foretold by the character of the pulse. I have rarely seen an adult with a

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Trousseau laid emphasis on it in Paris. The patients at the beginning of

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4. Typhoid Form of Influenza. — Cases with fever, headache, delirium,

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Occurrence of Pathogenic Bacteria on Healthy Human Beings and

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depend upon whether the pustules were discrete or confluent. The crusts

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must be regarded, since the experience of Hamburg, as completely disproven.

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emboli arising in a secondary phlebitis in the neighborhood of pulmonary

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Schroeder showed that one house at Kiel furnished the local clinic with 34

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irritation of the urethra, bladder or prostate, gonorrhoea, or

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seen in mild attacks, but as a rule some change is noted. The first sound

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that this consideration of individual liability should weigh in

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period of the attack. With the onset it occurred in 443 or 29.5 per cent,

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3. A leukocytosis almost invariably accompanies the disease and runs a

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apparently due to the grip and showed the influence of that

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the onset and the temperature usually becomes higher. There is generally

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The veins of the spleen often present a curious condition. Collections of

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^Journal of tJie American Medical Association, July 22, 1893.

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red, extending from 1 to 2 centimeters; and beyond this, sometimes, there

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efficacy of the vaccination vary. Spalding states that no vaccinated school-

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attitude concerning the streptococcus and scarlet fever may best be ex-

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This case ended fatally about three months afterwards.

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stances, such as the detritus of broken-down epithelium,.

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sonal condition," "not recommended by the examiner," or

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and in the course of pneumonia after acute diseases. We can only mention

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moderate in extent, they may rarely attain to a massive size. Hoffa has

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presents, questions of personality are of prime importance.

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observation for a few days is enough to make the diagnosis clear.

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the body. Forcheimer describes it as follows: "It consisted of a macular,

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