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called febrile albuminuria that is so commonly seen in most acute infections.

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mont State Medical Society, 1901. Secretary, Report of Lakeside

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but later on it was brought through Northern China, Siberia, and

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to be hereditary when brought to America, and the latter has never

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patient was suff'ering with great pain in the region of the heart, soreness and pain in the

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M.I)., F. R. S. E., Professor of Midwifery in the University of Edinburfrh,

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the respiratory organs into play, and to expand the chest. When, how*

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there were among the first 791 and among the latter 220 fatal cases of small-

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In the treatment of the premonitory diarrhoea, it cannot

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. lactis aerogenes in milk heated to 80° C. 20 minutes

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mixed into a thick paste with water or alcohol and rubbed between

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bustheile. Arch. f. Ophth., Leipz., 1898, xlvi, :i.57-259,

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with various general symptoms, high fever, and at the

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lesions which are attended with aphasia, when it occurs independently of

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(guanfacine hydrochlonde) should be used with caution in patients with

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Swedish movements. By following this plan, I believe acute

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changing the position of the uterus and oyariee can be appreciated by

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appearance : it is enormously swollen ; the skin is thickened,

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These cases are the subject of a good deal of controversy and much

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