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More eminent as a physician than for personal char-

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aged 91. He was graduated from the medical deparlment of Tulane

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not at all proportionate to the extent of the evil, and we are

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December 20th, to some remarks that I offered on the

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56-60. — Fick (A. E.) XJeber ungleiche Accommodation

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clot. The convolutions of both hemispheres were slightly

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Architecture, candidates will be required to draw up a Sanitary

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will be made; (e) a committee will be appointed to consider

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tine was given'. The prognosis of a favorable event is to be based solely upon

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and again at five a.m. ; at eleven a.m., the pupils rather contracted;

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even although it prove wanting in the element of satisfaction.

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perature reaching normal on the 5th or 6th day, if not earlier. Many

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The most frequent side effects of the bile acid-binding

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neutralized as rapidly as produced, and Nature thus be

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3. The serosities found in the cavities of the peritoneum, pleura, and

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under which they are displnyed. An additional value possessed by such an Index is. that it

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Anatomical Appeabances. — Autopsies of persons who have died

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made in these cases the following are the conclusions which

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under its influence costly to the community, and defective in operation.

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(M.) Beitrag zur Behaudlung der Trichiasis. Charite-

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the percentage of starch digested varied from 95 to 100 per cent., and

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also, sometimes it is occasioned by a twisting of the arm in machinery." 3

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actually excreted large quantities of these lime salts during the first part

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bands of hats may contain even twenty-eight per cent of

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son to think this peculiarity might play an importnt role,

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that '-herpes zoster occurring on the forehead may be

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